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Reunion Resort Parking ‘Tow Away’ Measures Approved By The CDD Board

This week’s Reunion East CDD Meeting at Heritage Crossing, saw an approval of parking control measures being phased in over the first quarter of 2020.

Essentially, the CDD is attempting to address traffic access issues in a number of areas within the resort, mainly;

  • Gathering Drive
  • Gathering Ct
  • Euston Dr
  • Excitement Dr
  • Titian Ct
  • Corolla Ct
  • Oconee St

As the resort has grown from just a few homes, to its current much busier status, the CDD this week voted and passed a resolution to approve new signage to manage street parking in the most affected areas of the resort.

Dubbed ‘Parking and Towing Rules’ the proposals undoubtedly stirred some attention from concerned owners within the resort.
In reality however, we talked to the CDD after the meeting and felt that there was a strong indication that the CDD not only ‘had to do something’ but was prepared to ‘do right by all owners and stakeholders’ within the resort.

What Happens Next

  • Over the next three months, signage will be installed
  • Notices will be issued to owners
  • The Reunion Resort Blog will post any further information as it comes available
  • A progressive implementation of enforcement will be applied

Is this a ‘done deal’?

Yes. The CDD board, which comprises 5 members that are resident within Reunion Resort have already approved the new parking policy.

Many non resident owners and property managers may be anxious about their guests’ vehicles being towed away without warning in a ‘sting raid style’ of operation.
After talking to the CDD representatives, it was made clear that the intent was for the enforcement of the ‘one side parking rule’ to be as fair and as progressively enforced as possible. For example, when fully implemented, the processes of dealing with parking issues would always be fair, helpful and informative as a first port of call. Only if that failed, would a ‘tow-away’ take place.

We sincerely hope that the CDD does effectively introduce improvements, with a professional process that maintains Reunion’s reputation as a fabulous resort, with an exceptional track record for its professional security program.

Reunion West Looks Set to Follow the East Side!

From what we understand, it looks inevitable that the same rules will be applied to Reunion’s West side.

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