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Major changes To Memberships & Amenity Access

Here’s an update from Reunion Resort’s new owners; Kingwood regarding the end of Reunion Resort’s Houseguest Policy for owners in the many non Resort rental programs.

Happy New Year to everyone, looks like 2020 is going to be interesting!

Quoted email dated Dec 27th 2019

Dear Reunion Owners, 
Kingwood International Resorts has been the proud owner/operator of Reunion Resort & Golf Club since February of this year. In that time period we completed extensive analysis in determining what is needed to make Reunion Resort one of the top destinations. Our vision and future improvements planned for Reunion will further position the property as one of the most desirable clubs and destination resorts and set us apart from the rest. 

Real Estate Growth & Membership Availability 
As you are aware, we are going through extensive real estate growth with the addition of new construction throughout the Resort. As we grow, we unfortunately will not have enough memberships for every property owner or future property owner to be able to acquire a membership. 
For existing property owners who do not have a membership, we are providing the opportunity to obtain one through February 29, 2020. Club memberships will not be available for purchase, to the current owner, or your properties future owners after February 29, 2020. 

Our Future 
Our vision for future expansion plans for the resort are among the most exciting growth opportunities in Reunion Resort’s history, including: 

• 10-acre crystal lagoon with 3,000 feet of shoreline, light craft dockage and a water sport activities and rental center 
• Expansion of our waterpark to include a dual mode surf, wave pool, a variety of slides and a FlowRider® sheet wave machine 
• A 4-Star hotel and amenities surrounding the crystal lagoon 
• Amphitheater for concerts and entertainment with capacity to host up to 10,000 attendees 
• Miniature golf course featuring signature holes designed after Reunion’s Nicklaus, Palmer and Watson golf courses 
• Two-story enclosed practice range accommodating single players, groups and families, including food and beverage service, pro shop, fitting center, a golf academy and meeting areas for groups 
• 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art conference center 
• 1,000-seat indoor movie theater and performing arts stage 
• New deck and parking structures to accommodate up to 1,600 vehicles 
• Brand new fully equipped 8,000 sq.ft. Spa facility 
• Two new gated residential developments comprised of homes from $1.2 million and up
• The Sand Bar – a lagoon side, air-conditioned glass building featuring casual dining with draw back ceiling to allow unimpeded stargazing with your feet in the sand. 
• The Stage at Reunion – full-service indoor/outdoor balcony dining overlooking the events at the amphitheater stage 
• Practice Range Bar & Grill – casual dining with sweeping views of our new range, including private rooms for gatherings and meetings 
• The Surfers Cove – a two-level casual dining experience overlooking the FlowRider® sheet wave machine and surf/wave pool 

New Rental Management Partnerships 
Our Club amenities are for Reunion members and official resort guests only. The Resort has had many challenges over the years with guests that have not booked directly with us and were under the impression that they had access to all our amenities at the Resort. 
This caused confusion and disappointment which resulted in negative experiences that have adversely affected our reputation in the past. 
We are fully committed to protecting the exclusivity of Club amenity access. 
To that end, we will aggressively ensure that only Club members, or those who book directly with Reunion, or with a preferred rental partner, will have access to our amenities. 
Effective January 1, 2020, Houseguest days will no longer be available. 
Moving forward, we will partner with a select number of management companies who will be “Preferred Rental Partners” of the Resort and will comply with our service standard requirements. Reunion property owners who work with these management companies will be required to have a Club Membership in order to allow their guests unlimited access to our amenities. We believe such measures will ultimately protect our Members’ investments in Reunion Resort & Golf Club. 

Marriott International 
We are also pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Marriott International Homes & Villas. This program allows over 120 million Marriott Bonvoy members access to selected homes and villas through Reunion & its Preferred partners. To qualify for the Marriott program, your property must meet Marriott standards and have a Club Membership. Unlimited access to all the Resort amenities is a requirement for Marriott International Homes & Villas and bookings. 

Membership Program 
We are delighted to unveil our new membership program, and we believe everyone will be excited to see the enhanced benefits of being a Club member. The new membership levels will be Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 
Current Golf Members will automatically be upgraded to the Platinum level, while current Social Members will become Gold Members. If you are in the Reunion Rental Program and are currently receiving a membership discount, you will become a Silver Member. 
Please contact the Membership Office to upgrade your current membership and take additional advantage of being a Reunion Resort & Golf Club Platinum Member. 

New membership cards will be issued to all members in the near future to ensure select access to amenities and allow you to receive the appropriate benefits for your chosen membership level. 
We hope that you are as enthusiastic about this next chapter in the history of Reunion as we are. 


Richard Nasser 
Kingwood International Resorts 


  1. When will you be ready to share a map or 3-D rendering of where these new facilities will be located within the resort?

    1. Hi Nancy
      As of yet, we have not seen any renderings, but as soon as Kingwood release details, we will gladly share them on the Reunion Resort Unofficial Blog!

  2. Not sure you can tell me who I have to rent through or who can clean my home. When we came to Reunion in 2012 we bought a condo and had the rental done through Reunion and they hosed us nicely for them to maximize their share. We bought a home in 2013 and then built a home on Golden Bear in 2014. Neither were in Reunions rental programs due to our previous experience with them. In 2014 I was in the membership office and said we were building a new home they said great because that will be the first home on the Nicklaus side to be in their rental program!! I thought that was hard to believe with all the homes on the Nicklaus side and we were going to be the first Reunion rental home!!?? Needless to say we didn’t bother to list our rental time with Reunion Rentals again due to the poor experience with them previously. We have a full membership and spend about 3 months a year in Reunion. That may change as the golf course is never as well conditioned as Celebration or Orange County despite all the promises. Took 8 plus years to get a clubhouse on the Nicklaus side. I play on a beautiful golf course called Aroostook Valley in Canada that has a crew of 10 workers and it makes Reunion look 3rd rate in being a well conditioned course. It seems the powers that are running the place need to take some lessons in golf course management and public relations before they run the place any further into the ground. Should be an interesting 6 months coming up!!! We will see what happens and if the course stays in the same poor condition I will probably save my $688 / month for green fees elsewhere. We use the water park once a year on average and our renters hardly ever use it and seldom come here for golf as it is the other Orlando attractions they seek. Just my thoughts on the new turn of events so recently sprung on us.

  3. So as a long standing social member and owner. What are my options for family and guests to use my condo and resort. I currently have family booked with flights in February. The information is very vague in that regard. I used to have 6 weeks available for friends and family as well as immediate family please send back the details of what we are eligible for thanks Shane Beggs

    1. Hi Shane
      So far, it looks as though your guests would not have water park access, from January 1st, unless some major changes to the Resort’s new rules are implemented.

  4. I didn’t see any information on what the Bronze level will be. It would be great if they had a membership for those who only visit 2-3 times per year. Is there a list a preferred rental companies yet?

  5. That is not the deal we originally had. What about golf access and the rest of the resort. I have been there since 2010 paying membership dues . I do not rent my place or put in rental pool i keep it private. So your telling me my extended family cannot use the water park unaccompanied!!!! Thats disgraceful. There is nothing good about this for private owners did they not consider this

  6. I agree with the homeowners above. We have been a home owner since 2011 and paying monthly social membership dues (only because we are here 2 months of the year) and have extended family using our home. Unless we put our home into an approved rental company (which we have never rented before) family can no longer use Reunion’s amenities??? We have family scheduled to use our home over the next few months and now cannot use the amenities here without us being here is rediculous.

    Also Social Members can only golf 6x per year?
    How can unilateral decisions like these be made without membership or homeowner approval?

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