Reunion Owner News

Your New Private Owners Facebook Page Now Open

Following a trial period, we felt obliged to drop our previous Facebook Group For Owners.
Having received a lot of feedback requesting a return, we’ve created a brand new group CLICK HERE.

Recent changes to the membership rules at the resort have created an INBOX full of questions and comments from Reunion Resort owners. With this NEW FACEBOOK GROUP we are hoping that owners can assist each other as we understand the changes and adapt and assist each other going forward.

This will be a permanent group for owners to use and share experiences about life and vacations in the resort.


  • Do not promote businesses at all
  • Do not attack businesses at all
  • Do not attack individuals at all
  • To join, please complete all 3 sign up questions truthfully
  • If you aren’t sure of the rules, or feel that you MUST post a controversial subject, just message us in advance.
  • If you have personal items or home items to sell, mention on the blog, that’s fine. Just don’t put the $ amount (Facebook doesn’t like that)
  • If you are unhappy about something, post about it, but please do so with absolute respect and courtesy to those involved and the wider community too.

Why All The Rules?

OK the honest answer is;
This resort belongs to us all! Nobody wins by throwing dirt around.

How to Join the Forum

  • Answer the 3 questions correctly
  • Post away!
  • Please be respectful (Don’t be the first person deleted!)
Click the image to join the Facebook Group!


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