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Membership Fees For 2020

Here’s the new 2020 Membership Fees Card for Reunion Resort.
Most interestingly, the initiation fee is now only $7,500 rather than $15,000.

Full Membership

Initiation Fee $7,500
Platinum Membership $660/month
Gold Membership $420/month

Recallable Legends Golf Membership

Initiation Fee $7,500
Recallable Legends Golf Membership $660

Golf Fees Per Person

Jan Feb AprAll Other Months
Platinum Member$30$30
Platinum 24 Discounted Guests Per Year$55$55
Accompanied Guest of Platinum Member$90$70
Gold Member discounted Guests (6 Max a year)$90$70
Accompanied Guest of Gold Member$120$90
Annual Cart Fee$1600 single$2500 couple

Other Fees & Charges

Water Park Accompanies Guest Fee
(Max 8/day for Platinum Members)
(Max 4/day for Gold Members)
Transfer of Membership$2500
Lessee Fee$100
Re-designation Fee$200
Fitness Guest of Platinum MemberComp
Fitness Guest of Gold Member$10
Tennis Pickleball Guest of Platinum MemberComp
Tennis Pickleball Guest of Gold Member$10
Pickleball Paddle Rental$5

Click the links above to view the PDFs for Reunion Resort membership fees and the Reunion Resort Membership Brochure.

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