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Non Member Q&A Meeting Summary

The Membership Q&A meeting for Non Members was held earlier this week and some important questions and answers came forward.
I’ve tried to portray the outcome as accurately as possible, but as always, if anyone has any corrections to suggest, I will gladly update the article as quickly as possible.

Key Points From The Second Membership Q&A Event

  • Multiple Lot Owners were being considered, in an attempt to ease the high costs of ‘Bronze’ memberships that had to be adopted by the end of February 2019. After that date, any lots without memberships, would be ineligible for memberships at all.
    A timeframe for a solution was estimated to be offered within a week or so.
  • A condo owner expressed that the cost of ownership, plus the expectation to adopt a membership was simply too much for her to consider.
  • An owner asked for details of the new amenities at Reunion, and it was explained that this was very early, and is more of a 5 year program.
  • Owners asked about family and friends being able to access amenities while staying at an owner’s property. Vertical extended family is standard availability. Kevin Baker did express that non rental owners that are not abusing their memberships, could contact him for specific issues with their guests.
  • Kevin Baker expressed that the 2% non rental owners with genuine guest requirements, that may be affected by the new measures, were not the problem. Reunion Resort and that they would work with such owners on a case by case basis.
  • One owner asked, if they took out a membership by the February deadline, and that Reunion Resort subsequently extended the deadline or opened it up access to memberships, “would he get his money back?”
    The General Manager answered that it would not happen and it would make the resort look foolish.
  • Some owners expressed concern that they did not hear of the meeting.
  • There were a number of very personal explanations that the new membership rules greatly affected families.

A lot was said in the meeting, but generally, the summary above appeared to be a general summation of the event.

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