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Closed in 30 Days! (5 Bedroom on Muirfield $960k)

I already had a buyer for this amazing 5 bedroom pool home as soon as it hit the market, and that resulted in a smooth closing that took place in a blisteringly swift 30 days.

The quality of the property made the sale. The owner had used the home as a primary residence, but was moving into a much larger custom built home within Reunion Resort. The owners had maintained the property to a spectacular level and in many ways they were presenting a ten year plus home in a ‘new home condition’. Precisely what our buyer was looking for after over 8 months worth of searching.

What Can Potential Sellers Gain From This Quick Closing?

A whole bunch of things really, but mainly that home care is probably the single most important variable that can make your house sell quickly and at the right price. This home sold at a good market value due to its condition.
There are buyers out there. They just want value from their purchase, and with as little fuss making repairs as possible after they’ve closed.

  • Cash buyers are generally very quick closings
  • A very well kept 5 bedroom home on Muirfield can easily sell for +$200k more than its competitors.
  • Getting the home up to scratch needn’t cost $200k either!
  • Planets can align very quickly if a property has appeal and doesn’t need a major overhaul.
  • As realtors, we can sell your home quickly if it is priced correctly and is set to appeal to buyers
  • Consider the advice of a realtor and make those essential updates to enable a quick sale.
  • Make sure that everything you do, adds market appeal and pays you back with a sale. Avoid wasting money on the things that are expensive and don’t matter.

Thinking of Listing Your Own Property In Reunion Resort & Beyond?

Contact Us Today For Great Advice Without Obligation and Without Nuisance Follow Up Calls!
We take pride in ensuring that you get great advice, without any fuss.
From repairs, to repainting and more, we are ready to assist you with advice and recommendations.

Also feel free to contact us if you already own a home and you are looking for a property manager that will focus on improving the condition of your property.

Don’t let Your Reunion Resort Property Value Needlessly Decline!

Thinking about selling your home in Reunion Resort, please contact Kevin Maw

View all homes currently for sale in Reunion Resort near Walt Disney World!

If you are searching the best expert advice on listing your Reunion Resort home for sale, we are more than happy to provide you with a market valuation of your property.
Whether or not your home is within Reunion Resort, or in one of the growing communities nearby, please contact us for the advice you can rely upon.

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