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Homeowner Membership Opportunity Deadline Now Expired!

If you own a vacant lot, or a home on Reunion Resort and do not have a membership in place, Kingwood’s new rule kicks into play from today.

Their stance is that your home will now NEVER have a membership.

Some owners have written and expressed their anger at the ruling, but Kingwood seem to be solidly fixed on implementing a hard line for owners that chose not to take up memberships for their properties before the February 29th 2020 deadline.

It’s not clear how many additional members the new ruling has incentivized but according to Kingwood management, this is not a ruling that they will be reversing. Anthony Carll clearly stated at a recent member update meeting, ‘that they would look stupid for making a u-turn in the future’.

So that’s it, any owners without memberships tied to their lots, will not be able to get a membership in the future.
Any owners without memberships to their homes, will not be able to get a membership in the future.


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  1. Don’t worry the next Owner of Reunion will have a different story !! And trust me there will be other owners ! We have been playing this game for 14 years !!!

    I paid Ginn for 12 years before I cancelled I got nothing but an underwater house for my troubles.

    Stop with your baseless threats !!!

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