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COVID-19 in Central Florida and Reunion Resort

As of today, guests are still heading in to Reunion Resort for their spring break vacations amidst the Coronavirus situation. Granted, many are disappointed by the temporary closure of the major theme parks, but all that we’ve spoken to are truly upbeat about staying here in the warm Florida weather.
One guest laughed off the Walt Disney World closure, with a sobering ‘it’s hardly the worst place to be in the world right now is it?’

The luxury homes on Reunion Resort are miniature resorts in themselves and guests are more than happy to open a few beers, relax by the pool and light the Grill. The glorious weather seems to bring out the best in people as they realize that a positive attitude makes all the difference.

How Will the Resort Operations Be affected?

At this stage, Reunion Resort appear to be running most services as usual, with the exception of member events and special activities. They are on hold from today, through to April 30th 2020.
Generally the resort holds up well in tough situations, subject of course to the welfare and availability of staff.
Much like Disney, the health of staff is key to getting the resort back up to speed at the soonest possible opportunity,

Time For Owners to Take Advantage?

A few guests have cancelled, but not as many as we first feared. Some are still searching and requesting, seeing the travel window as an opportunity to obtain an amazing deal. With theme parks closed for at least the rest of March, conference centre events on hold, it is inevitable that some homes will see a brief dip in occupancy over the rest of Spring and probably Summer.

Is There Any Good News For Florida?

Well, possibly. Again, it is way too early to know for sure, but hot humid conditions often suppress the transmission of viral infections.
COVID-19 data is patchy, but hopefully Florida has the good fortune to provide some meaningful resilience over colder climates.

What Does COVID-19 Mean For the Vacation Home Industry?

Some guests are already stating that when travel restrictions disappear, there’s a compelling argument to book their next stay in a vacation rental home.
The benefits of the lack of communal shared spaces do seem a chance to reduce the risk of exposure or transmission of the virus.
Of course, the major theme parks operate immense accommodation inventories and will no doubt add in incentives and dining packages to regain occupancy, but the discerning traveler might easily see the benefits of the low density and private nature of a good, well maintained vacation home.

The cruise industry will probably feel the greatest impact from COVID-19 over the longer term. The opportunity to explore Central Florida in general may be a health choice that may choose to take up, making vacation homes an obvious option fir future stays.

Cancelations are the biggest concern for home owners and property managers right now, but taking a long term view at the overall guest experience, may well be the better approach to unsettled guests.

How Long Will COVID-19 Take to Clear Up?

Currently the data (plus the economy and politics) is driving that.
Right now, we are all aware that Disney, Universal (and now SeaWorld just popped up on my screen) are closing until the end of the month.

I guess the big factor being considered by the theme parks, will be employee health and wellbeing. Both of which can at times be contradictory forces.
From watching travel and operational restrictions in other nations, a few weeks seems optimistic.
Disneyland Shanghai remains closed since January 25th.

What of the future for Reunion Resort Home Owners?

With so many things going on right now, it may seem a little unnerving, but the fact that our homes are without doubt the very best here in Central Florida, coupled with the pure joy that Central Florida provides families, things will pass over and everyone will get back to business swiftly.

The owners that do best, will take every opportunity to use the open weeks as maintenance time, fix or replace the stuff that might have been annoying you or your guests, and take your property to the next level.

We’ve already seen huge benefits from that in the small number of homes that we ourselves manage (, and owners are delighted with the results. Contact us soon if you feel ready to work with a property manager that will happily improve the upkeep of your home (without crazy costs!).

A Different Kind Of Florida is Awaiting its Visitors!

I think that the final observation from within Reunion Resort, is one that is always overlooked by most guests. There’s so much more to do than visit just the theme parks!
From sporting clays, paddle boarding with manatees, surfing at cocoa beach, paragliding, classic plane rides, airboat rides, sea fishing, Eco Tours, Gatorland, balloon rides etc etc

While at first that list might not seem a patch on Disney, think again and offer your guests plenty of alternate options that will still turn their stay into a fantastic vacation of a lifetime.

Let’s show our guests the bright side of life in the Sunshine State!

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