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Mini Golf Construction Is Under Way!

As Reunion Resort gently takes a rest, the planned installation of Reunion’s Mini Golf over by Center Court Ridge is beginning to take shape.
The ground has been cleared and is currently being graded by contractors.

The Mini Golf is slated to be solely for members and guests of homes with membership as part of Kingwood’s membership drive leading up to the February application deadline for owners of homes and lots.

Now that the February 29th cut off has passed, owners of homes or lots without membership are not going to be eligible to join Reunion Resort’s membership program.


  1. Kevin.
    As a Reunion Resort property owner for over 5 years, I have to say that I am increasingly appalled by the tone deaf postings and reaction of Kingwood to the current situation in Florida and around the world. By all acounts we are in for a very grim days ahead. I find it completely out of context that we would post a mini-golf course construction story when in many jurisdications all construction has been shuddered unless it is essential to protect the health of workers. Now, I think we can all agree that Mini-Golf is not an essential service to any of us right now. I would encourage you to stop and think about the situation we are all currently living day to day. I would really appreciate a better understanding of what Kingwood is doing to protect the health and welfare of the staff at Reunion that we have all come to know over the years.
    So Please. For the next little while lets all stop selling ‘memberships’ and make sure we are look after the people that make Reunion so great.

  2. As a prospective buyer in Reunion, I appreciated your article ab9ut the construction of the mini-golf. Thanks!

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