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Shortage Of Quality Homes For Sale in Reunion Resort

We are experiencing a considerable rise in requests from buyers looking for very well maintained and furnished properties in Reunion Resort.
Despite perceptions, considerable amounts of inventory sold in recent months and buyers seem particularly focused on Reunion Resort itself and seem prepared to offer fair market value in most cases.
We have seen some bargain hunters offering low offers, but sellers are resisting and holding good values, particularly for the nicer homes.

If ever you were considering adding your Reunion Resort listing on the market, now is not a bad time at all, despite perceptions of the general economy. Florida is, and always will be a desirable retreat for city folk that are looking for a great escape in the sun.

While we can’t guarantee every home will be a fast sale at the price you are hoping for, we can say in all sincerity that enquiries are through the roof and that quality homes are in short supply. You are always able to say ‘NO’ to offers received.

Call or email if you would like to discuss your particular home. We are happy to carry out a market analysis for your home and give you our best advice. Find out how much your home is worth in Reunion Resort with advice from experienced experts.

To see what is currently still on the market,

To view a live list of Reunion Resort homes listings that sold in the last 30 days, click here!

Thinking about selling your home in Reunion Resort, please contact Kevin Maw

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