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Reunion Resort is without doubt the most luxurious resort in Central Florida.
That isn’t a claim, but is in our opinion a ‘genuine fact’!   If there’s a better resort to stay at than Reunion, we’ve yet to find it!

As homeowners on the Resort, we could easily be accused of being biased, but hopefully, through this blog, we hope to show you that the resort, is indeed as good as our claims!

If you have some great news, views or opinions to share with the blog contact me by email at

The views expressed in this website are our own, however any comments placed after blog posts are entirely the views of our site’s visitors.

My personal interests;

  • Our family owned a very successful vacation rental home on Reunion Resort for 8 years.
  • We are still in the resort throughout every week.
  • We truly value Reunion Resort.  It’s a great place to be!
  • I’m a licensed Realtor® and property manager 
  • My main realty website is and we specialize in Reunion Resort, Lake Nona and Kissimmee/Davenport areas of Real Estate.
  • My main property management website is

This Reunion Resort Unofficial Blog is in no way part of Reunion Resort.
The opinions expressed in readers’ comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Reunion Resort Unofficial Blog’s author.
The blog author retains the right not to publish comments.

Kevin Maw
Licensed Realtor®
407-973-1456 📞



  1. Hi
    I own a property in Reunion that I do not rent out. I am looking for a property manager that can clean, check on the house each week, put packages that are delivered in my garage and perhaps buy groceries before we arrive. Do you have any referrals?

    Thank you!
    Leslie Balestrieri

  2. Hi Leslie
    Thanks for your question and we’d be glad to help as much as possible.
    Firstly, I will fall short of suggesting a particular property manager as I try my best to be as balanced as possible.
    I have particular reasons for selecting the company that I have my home with and really only realized that they were perfect for me, by meeting face to face.
    The company has to be right for you. Some owners prefer a very corporate style, others a very personalized service and all of Reunion’s property main property managers are worth meeting with before deciding.
    Additionally, you’ve got to feel happy that the manager will not only take care of your home, but you and your guests.
    I hope that helps Leslie, and apologies for not directly answering your question, as I just want to give you the best unbiased help as possible.
    Many thanks and good luck renting your vacation home out, I’m sure it will be a great success!

  3. For the Poinciana parkway, you do not want to have the no options. If they do not put in the 2A option, exit 58 at the I4 will be jammed with 80,000 cars( this is the county estimate) every day. Also Old wilson Road and CR532 will be jammed with the same number of cars.

  4. Reunion security patrols seem to have been drastically reduced with the new security company. This year (December 2015) we have only seen one security car in a week go by the Terraces area

  5. Hello,
    I’m a Canadian who is interested in purchasing a condo in Reunion, to use myself and rent out to vacationers.
    Other than the property tax, what other fees must owners pay?
    I know there is an HOA fee, but what exactly does that cover?
    And finally what does Reunion charge to act as the property manager?



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