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Reunion Resort Continues To Thrive!

According to the Orlando Sentinal and Fox35 News, the luxury vacation home sector is booming right now in Central Florida, as realtors are experiencing year 2000 closing levels.
The interesting part, is that the overseas buyers are continuing their interest in the market.
With Reunion Resort offering the right balance of value and experience, investors are recognizing the need to provide a higher level of finishes, nice pool decks and excellent amenities.

Follow this link to the Orlando Sentinel article on the boost from Vacation Home Buyers

One of the larger mansions, currently under construction at Reunion Resort’s Valhalla Drive, just 12 minutes away from Walt Disney World.

McNally Mansion at Reunion Resort from McNally Construction Group on Vimeo.


Reunion Resort’s Vacant Lots – Prime time to buy!

Driving around Reunion Resort reveals a totally different story from 7 years ago.
Those vast spaces between the vacation homes are indeed filling up.
The very best lots are almost gone, but now is definitely the time to snap up the scattered lots at what many realty experts believe to be the lowest projected prices.

As motivated sellers of lots diminish, Reunion Resort’s land prices are undoubtedly set to increase in 2018.
Buyers next year will inevitably snap up the best lots first at reasonable rates, before the lesser lots begin their steady spiral upwards in price.

Reunion Back to Normal after Irma


Incredible to see the Resort teams and property managers working together to get the Resort back to normal in less than 24 hours!
Although a few homes did receive some light damage, the landscaping and repairs are already under way or completed.
Driving through Reunion today, you would never tell that Central Florida had been affected!

Property managers will be busy with their owners right now and Leigh Bateman from Magical Vacation Homes has issued this update on Hurricane Irma.

The Reunion Resort Blog has received many requests to check properties, but owners are best to follow the advice given in each property manager’s news updates.
The good news, is that the storm has passed, the resort looks great and flights are bringing vacationers to the most magical place on earth; Reunion Resort!

The theme parks were back in full action on Tuesday and the Magic Kingdom was totally spotless on the morning of September 12th according to the TotalOrlando Facebook page!


Irma Leaves its Trail at Reunion Resort


Despite the arrival of the Atlantics largest Hurricane, Reunion’s 7/11 was open just hours later!

Just assessing some of the damage over at Reunion this morning.
Hurricane Irma set many records, including the longest ever Cat 5, highest Atlantic wind speed etc.
Overnight, she arrived in the early hours and pounded much of Central Florida.
From our images, a few trees are down and some structures have been badly affected.
Keep checking this post regularly for updated images as they come in.


As always with Florida, the response teams get things cleared up and the property managers react swiftly to get homes safe, watertight and back to normal.
If you are concerned about the status of your home, wait a day or two at least to leave the teams to focus on clean up and repairs!
All of the management companies will be in action Wednesday (after the curfews are lifted later today around 6pm).

Reunion Resort Images of Hurricane Irma Aftermath

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.54.56 PM

Sinclair Road/429 – Landscape Update

The next time you head into Reunion Resort via the 429 toll road off-ramp, you will be treated to a much nicer view!
A bunch of magnificent palms now define the area as an impressive gateway into the luxury community.
The west side of Reunion boasts the largest luxury mansions and it seems fitting that the ‘rear gate’ route is catching up in aesthetic terms.

With one of the driest periods on record, the region is looking forward to much needed rainfall to green up the local landscape.
(Not too much though!)

Oraine Williams Update

We received this from Aegis HOA
As always, please assist in any way that you can with his gofundme page to help;

October 25, 2016  RE: Oraine Williams update

Per our last email report, Oraine had the surgery last week where the doctors fused a series of vertebrae together. They were very pleased with the process and result but are still making no promises regarding the underlying injury healing sufficiently. He has been moved out of the ICU and into a normal room where he will likely spend the next 10-12 days. He has repeated physical therapy treatments each day and while they are likely necessary, they cannot be enjoyable considering the freshness and extent of both the injury and the surgery. But like all things he does, he sticks it out and works hard. His caregivers are impressed with his dedication and willingness to do what it takes. All things considered, while he does certainly experience periods of sadness and loss, his spirits are high. After his current stay in room 1014, the current plan is to transfer to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta which is among the top 10 ten spinal cord rehabilitation centers nationwide.

Oraine knows that everyone is pulling and praying for him and his family. He wants to pass on how much he appreciates your positive thoughts and support. He wishes he could thank everyone personally, but one day he can.

David L Burman, AMS® PCAM®


Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc.

8390 Championsgate Blvd Suite 304

Championsgate Florida 33896

ofc: 863-256-5052 x226

fax: 863-256-5059

Oraine Williams – Reunion HOA

I just wanted to cover a truly devastating news item for anyone that has ever met Oraine Williams (HOA Manager)

Earlier this week, Oraine was involved in what appears to be a major road traffic accident.
Although few details are available, we do understand that the situation is serious.
As such, the HOA team have created a GoFundMe page to help what looks set to be a considerable medical bill for Oraine.

I, like many, have had the pleasure of knowing Oraine as an owner, and also through general Resort business and can only describe Oraine as a truly charismatic and effective leader.  His has the talent to be decisive, fair and always with a mischievous sense of humor.
One that has created a lot of great friendships and respect within the Reunion Resort community.



Hurricane Matthew Update


As Hurricane Matthew rolls in to the coastline of Florida, Reunion Resort have offered an operational update. (Below in blue font)
During the coming days, property managers will be taking the necessary precautions to protect homes against the storm’s effects.
How the storm plays out for owners at Reunion, remains to be seen, and by Saturday, the worst should be over.
By all means contact your property managers for updates, but please be patient with them as they will undoubtedly be under additional workload over the next 7 to 10 days.

If you do require any assistance early next week, the Reunion Resort Blog team may be able to assist any owners with any questions etc.
However, if you can, always try to work directly with your own property manager for the best results.
Fingers crossed that we have a lucky weekend and best wishes to all owners, guests and staff that work in the Resort and surrounding areas!

From Reunion Resort Email – October 5th 2016 – 3pm


As you may already know, Hurricane Matthew currently poses a threat to the east coast of Florida.  As a result, the forecast calls for us to experience tropical storm and possibly hurricane force effects here in the Orlando area. 


Be assured that we are closely monitoring Matthew’s movement, and have taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those at Reunion Resort & Club.


Please be aware that there may be high winds and rain in our region beginning Thursday mid-day, with stronger impact from Matthew throughout the day Friday.  You should take all necessary precautions if going outdoors during the storm; staying safely indoors is strongly recommended.


Currently, Reunion Resort & Club plans to be under normal operations on Thursday and under very limited operations Friday while the storm passes.

Consequently, the Membership Office will be closed on Friday, October 7 and will resume normal operating hours on Saturday, October 8 at 9 am. The Member Breakfast scheduled for Friday morning at 8 am has been cancelled due to the storm.

We will keep you updated of any changes or additional information regarding Hurricane Matthew as it becomes available.  We will be posting recorded updates on our Reunion voicemail system, which you can listen to by dialing 407.396.3750.


Thank you and stay safe! 


Carlton Grant, CHA

Managing Director

Reunion Resort & Club

Reunion Resort Pools – Closure For Maintenance

Some very welcome news that two of the resort pools are receiving some attention this month.
In a newsletter today, the HOA, operated by Aegis, announced that resurfacing of the Homestead and Carriage Pointe pools would take place during the quiet season at Reunion Resort.



Please be advised that the Homestead and Carriage Pointe  pools will be closed starting September 12, 2016 and re-open September 30, 2016 due to resurfacing of both pools.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the matter.

Carriage Point Pool

More General info on the Carriage Point Pool

Homestead Gathering Drive Pool


More General Info on the Gathering Drive Pool

Reunion Security Officer Saves a Life!

IMG_0534[1] copy 2

As owners at Reunion, we have been long standing fans of the Reunion Resort security team.

The Reunion team’s ‘light but firm touch’ is a hallmark of a great security department, and especially in an upscale community like ours.
Today though, I was delighted to read the latest security bulletin from our HOA.
A life was literally saved this weekend.
A very fast acting mother, and an incredibly cool response from Officers Rogers and Cruz, gave a family their son’s life back, following an incident in the Terraces pool.


On August 20, 2016, at approx. 19:55 Security Officer Isai Cruz was on patrol at the Terraces swimming pool when he was alerted that an unconscious and unresponsive 3-year-old Napoleon Alexander had just been pulled from the bottom of the Terraces pool by his mother, Napoleon was not breathing.
Officer Tom Rodgers who was also the scene immediately called 911 and went to his vehicle to retrieve the units AED in hopes of reviving the child. Officer Cruz began CPR on Napoleon and after a short period of time was able to revive him, Napoleon was able to cough up the water in his lungs and began to breath on his own.
EMS arrived and transported the Napoleon to the hospital where he remained for 2 days.
Napoleon was released from the hospital Tuesday with no long term injuries and in good health.
Officer Cruz was commended for his quick actions and will be recognized by CWS for his life savings actions.

Pool safety is absolutely crucial of course, and we can only hope that Officer Cruz and his team don’t need to be called upon in the future again at Reunion.
We always advise guests to follow great pool safety advice when in Florida.
For some great tips on pool safety, this article will be of great help.

TOP TIPS FOR POOL SAFETY – Totalorlando Blog