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Reunion Back to Normal after Irma


Incredible to see the Resort teams and property managers working together to get the Resort back to normal in less than 24 hours!
Although a few homes did receive some light damage, the landscaping and repairs are already under way or completed.
Driving through Reunion today, you would never tell that Central Florida had been affected!

Property managers will be busy with their owners right now and Leigh Bateman from Magical Vacation Homes has issued this update on Hurricane Irma.

The Reunion Resort Blog has received many requests to check properties, but owners are best to follow the advice given in each property manager’s news updates.
The good news, is that the storm has passed, the resort looks great and flights are bringing vacationers to the most magical place on earth; Reunion Resort!

The theme parks were back in full action on Tuesday and the Magic Kingdom was totally spotless on the morning of September 12th according to the TotalOrlando Facebook page!


Irma Leaves its Trail at Reunion Resort


Despite the arrival of the Atlantics largest Hurricane, Reunion’s 7/11 was open just hours later!

Just assessing some of the damage over at Reunion this morning.
Hurricane Irma set many records, including the longest ever Cat 5, highest Atlantic wind speed etc.
Overnight, she arrived in the early hours and pounded much of Central Florida.
From our images, a few trees are down and some structures have been badly affected.
Keep checking this post regularly for updated images as they come in.


As always with Florida, the response teams get things cleared up and the property managers react swiftly to get homes safe, watertight and back to normal.
If you are concerned about the status of your home, wait a day or two at least to leave the teams to focus on clean up and repairs!
All of the management companies will be in action Wednesday (after the curfews are lifted later today around 6pm).

Reunion Resort Images of Hurricane Irma Aftermath

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